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August 2016 update from the MRF


Big news: Doctoral scholarships opportunity for Mandela Rhodes Scholars announced

In a decision that demonstrates not only its extraordinary generosity, but also great confidence in the quality of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships programme and in the calibre of our Scholars, The Leverhulme Trust is to fund new scholarships for doctoral study in the UK.  Read more

April 2016 update from the MRF

The astonishing growth in the number of expressions of interest in the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships is continuing this year, and with a vengeance! As of today, more than 8000 (eight thousand) potential applicants had registered on our website – and that with still a week to go before we close off this initial stage of the process for selecting the Class of 2017. (Last year’s number was a then-record 5500.)

Read more

February 2016 update from the MRF

Since my last update in December, I am pleased to report that The Mandela Rhodes Foundation has enjoyed a great, if extremely busy, start to 2016. Highlights from our first month-and-a-bit:

·         Without question the major events of the year so far have been the Introductory Workshops for the Class of 2016. The significance of that sentence is, of course, the use of the plural for ‘events’ and ‘Workshops’. For the first time in the history of the MRF the Class in residence now operates in two groups because we have grown our Mandela Rhodes Scholarships numbers so successfully.

The MRF team put enormous thought into how to achieve this without ever losing the intimacy and personalisation of the MR experience, and we were aware that we would need to be very attentive to possible unintended consequences of the expansion and logistical changes. I’m delighted to say that under the inspirational leadership of our Programme Director and MRS Judy Sikuza, the new format was a triumph – though an exhausting two-week marathon for our team!

The wonderful Class of 2016 outdid itself and the levels of excitement and engagement were exceptional. The Class is as always extremely diverse in every way; this year the number of Scholars from African countries other than South Africa were in a (small) majority for the first time. In addition to the traditional Introductory Workshop events, programmes, and site visits, the new Scholars were privileged to be exposed to personal life story accounts and leadership master classes from former Unilever and Reuters Chair and key MRF supporter Niall FitzGerald and, for the second group, US Consul General, Ambassador Teddy Taylor. Of course the social times and Creative Jam evenings maintained the very high standards of previous years … all in all, unforgettable.

·         Once the 2016 Scholars were safely back on their campuses, we were able to convene a very important internal MRF review of our Applications & Selections process. We looked back (in wonder) at 2015, especially to the conversion to online applications, the huge surge in numbers of expressions of interest, and the delivery of a truly superb process. But we went much deeper, identifying matters big and small that can help to make this year’s process (only weeks away now, incredibly enough) even better. All staff always give their all to the integrity and excellence of the process: thank you colleagues.

… And finally

Cape-based Scholars were invited to join us at the British High Commission before the opening of Parliament, and it was good to celebrate our bilateral success story. Other news of interest is that our tireless Chair, Professor Njabulo Ndebele, is on a writing sabbatical until April (he’s finishing a new book), and I am also head-down working on a narrative history of the Mandela Rhodes story. Warm regards and good wishes from Cape Town to the Mandela Rhodes family.

2007 Mandela Rhodes Scholar makes history

A dream comes true for The Mandela Rhodes Foundation and its founding Executive Director Shaun Johnson, today. Judy Sikuza (South Africa & NMMU 2007) joins the MRF as its full-time Programme Director, with responsibility for the flagship Mandela Rhodes Scholarships programme. Read more

August 2015 update from the MRF

The Mid-Year Workshop on reconciliation

Our Programme Director Judy Sikuza, backed up by the MRF team, facilitated the Mid-Year Workshop from 15-19 July. Her main takeout is that it was a great success, while “both emotionally and intellectually taxing, as the group wrestled with complex issues. Speakers included anti-Apartheid icon Ahmed Kathrada, Professor Njabulo Ndebele, Professor Ben Cousins, Shaun Johnson, and alumni contributors Buhle Zuma (SA & UCT, 2007), Cynthia Ayeza (SA & UP, 2008), Hapiloe Maranyane (SA & UCT, 2009) and Kenechukwu Ikebuaku (Nigeria & UWC, 2014).” Feedback from participants is that it was unforgettable – and extremely draining. (Mandela Rhodes Scholars from earlier Classes will relate to that, I’m sure!) Read more

May 2015 update from the MRF

Nominations about to open for the Class of 2016 – all electronically

Today, Friday May 1, is a big day in the development of The Mandela Rhodes Foundation and its flagship Scholarships programme. After months of work led by Judy and Ernst, we are ready to open applications for the Class of 2016. All candidates will apply electronically via the Embark system, through a link on our website. We will keep the MRF family informed of progress between now and the closing date on 15 June. Hold thumbs for a smooth journey. Read more