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Update from the Mandela Rhodes Foundation: November 2018

A truly epic MRF year is drawing to a close. The centenary of the birth of our late Founding Patron Mr Nelson Mandela, and our own 15th anniversary as a Foundation, were of course the events that will forever define 2018 for the MRF. But all our other activities were very successfully delivered by the team – which just took more work upon itself! My sincere thanks and congratulations to Team MRF. I am constantly amazed by what this small, exceptional group is capable of achieving. Appreciation to Judy, Ernst, Pam, Julia, Gigi, Shivon, Tim, Zimpande … and to Coralie (see next item). Read more

Update from the Mandela Rhodes Foundation: August 2018

Important new Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy adopted by MRF

I am proud to report that after extensive and concerted work by the MRF executive team, assisted by leading experts, a new comprehensive Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment/Bullying Policy was adopted by the Board of Trustees in Cape Town in July. Given the upsurge in reported events in recent times, both in South Africa and around the world, the Foundation is determined to ensure that we remain at the forefront regarding proactive measures to prevent abuse. Read more

Update from the Mandela Rhodes Foundation: May 2018

The Leverhulme Mandela Rhodes Doctoral Scholars 2018 

This year’s field was very large and very strong and it was an extremely difficult task for the Selection Committee to eventually award the annual Leverhulme Mandela Rhodes Scholarships to two out of the five excellent candidates who made the final interview. Warm congratulations to Anton Botha (SA & NMMU 2008), whose proposed field of PhD study is Psychological Resilience in UN Peacekeeping, and Richard Burman (SA & UCT 2015), who plans to do a PhD in Clinical Neurosciences at Oxford. Read more

February 2018 Update from the MRF

Although the political seas are tumultuous in South Africa in 2018 the good ship MRF has sailed smoothly through the waters thus far, I am pleased to report. All credit to my superb team at the Foundation. Team MRF has ensured that in the centenary year of our Founding Patron’s birth (of which more later), the fundamentals of our flagship Scholarships Programme – and indeed all the Foundation’s activities – are delivered to the usual highest standards. Read more