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February 2018 Update from the MRF

Although the political seas are tumultuous in South Africa in 2018 the good ship MRF has sailed smoothly through the waters thus far, I am pleased to report. All credit to my superb team at the Foundation. Team MRF has ensured that in the centenary year of our Founding Patron’s birth (of which more later), the fundamentals of our flagship Scholarships Programme – and indeed all the Foundation’s activities – are delivered to the usual highest standards. Read more

December 2017 Update from the MRF

This is my fourth and final update to stakeholders for 2017 as The Mandela Rhodes Foundation prepares to close off on another exceptionally productive 12 month period and readies itself for 2018, the seminal year of the Centenary of our Patron’s birth as well as the year of our own 15th anniversary. Read more

Scholar experiences

Most Mandela Rhodes Scholars find the Scholarship to be a life-changing experience. Watch this video to hear from past Scholars:

#Kathrada – In Memorium

The MRF remembers with joy and deep appreciation the countless hours spent by Kathy in selecting Mandela Rhodes Scholars for more than a decade, and addressing their workshops. Just one more quiet contribution to his beloved continent by this humble giant.
Rest in peace, Kathy.
Shaun and the MRF team

Another Mandela Rhodes Scholar joins the Foundation

It gives me enormous pleasure to announce the appointment of Mandela Rhodes Scholar Coralie Valentyn (South Africa & University of the Western Cape, 2014 – biography attached) to the position of Programme Associate in the Foundation’s scholarships team.

Coralie will report to Deputy Executive Director Judy Sikuza (South Africa & Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, 2007). Read more