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Aksay Lackoo

Mauritius & University of Cape Town, 2018

Degree of study:
LLM in International Trade Law

Aksay Lackoo graduated from the Faculty of Law and Management, University of Mauritius in 2016.

Aksay is a firm believer in the values of Pan-Africanism and is deeply passionate about the integration of African countries beyond trade and commercial ties. ‘Ubuntu’, meaning ‘I am because we are’ resonates deeply with Aksay and he believes that the vision for a better future for all Africans can be achieved through leadership, education and entrepreneurship. Those values bring Aksay closer to the ideals that he lives as an alumni of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship. He is an active contributor on news blogs sharing his views on Mauritius and issues facing  the African continent. He currently works in different digital projects at a non-banking financial institution in Mauritius. Moreover, he is involved in different technology-related entrepreneurial projects in South Africa, Switzerland and Mauritius. With interests in new technologies, Aksay believes that technology is an enabler to concretise solutions to solve some of the pressing issues in Africa ranging from access to education to access to energy.

Looking towards the future with optimism, Aksay aims to embark on new horizons for his learning curve in the international and regional trade field. Mesmerized by his year-in-residence as a Mandela Rhodes Scholar, his daily routine imbued with some valuable takeaways from the workshops and talks. From systems thinking to approaches to reconciliation, Aksay believes that one must embrace openness in views, acceptance of others’ culture and values and more importantly, to inclusivity and diversity.

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