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Fatima Docrat

South Africa & University of Cape Town, 2018

Degree of study:
Honours in Economics

Fatima Docrat is an Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellow and Klaus-Jürgen Bathe Scholar. She has an excellent academic record and achieved the highest marks in her degree stream: Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. She has been awarded numerous academic prizes and class medals at the University of Cape Town (UCT), as well as placed on the Dean’s Honour Roll at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) where she studied abroad.

Fatima has a passion for teaching, as evidenced by her commitment to the School of Economics tutoring programme and her work on the Curriculum Open Resources (CORE) project refining the UCT economics curriculum to better speak to socio-economic realities in South Africa. She sees her role in academia as one of creating knowledge to address inequities and create social impact. During her honours degree, she produced the first empirical research, in South Africa, to measure the impact of outsourcing on the wages of workers. She considers herself an activist before a philanthropist, but has worked with corporate companies and non-profit groups in their outreach efforts. In 2018, she organised a conference with local and international students, provincial government, business schools and consulting companies to facilitate discussions on how to alleviate the housing crisis in South Africa. She is currently working for a top-tier international consulting firm, focusing on strategy design.

Fatima is passionate about the future of the African continent and she is committed to living her life in a way that adds value and uplifts all who call it home.

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