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Gcinisizwe Dlamini

Kingdom of eSwatini & University of Cape Town, 2018

Degree of study:
Masters in Chemical Engineering

Gcinisizwe Msimisi Dlamini hails from the Kingdom of eSwatini. At the University of Cape Town (UCT), he obtained a BSc(Hons) in Chemical Engineering in 2017. Gcinisizwe is currently exploring alternative storage for the renewable energy sector through his research. In his everyday life, Gcinisizwe continually seeks to engage with the question of ‘how might engineers contribute to bringing about healing and dignity for the people of our continent?’

Gcinisizwe was elected by the student body as the Chair of Transformation and Memorabilia for the Engineering and the Built Environment (EBE) Student Council in 2016. Highlights of his tenure include his contribution towards the development of a new policy which would ensure that single-stall bathrooms within his Faculty would be deemed gender neutral, and thus accessible for all genders. In the same year, he joined a team of students in raising over R700 000 towards students in financial distress in his Faculty.

In line with his passion for education, Gcinisizwe is the Platforms Manager for AfrikaCan Foundation, a non-profit organisation which aims to build various platforms in which high school students can express their multi-potential. Under this organisation he has developed academic content, coding tutorials, and design thinking programmes which have been engaged with by over a hundred students.

He has been granted the Dean’s Merit Awards and the EBE Special Faculty Award in recognition of his academic achievements and well-rounded personality.

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