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Joy Chioma Idu

Nigeria & University of Cape Town, 2018

Degree of study:
Masters in International Relations

Joy Chioma Idu was born and bred in rural Lagos, Nigeria. At the ages of 11 and 12, she lost her father and mother and became an orphan. For a number of years, she and her brother stayed with a different family where they were mistreated and deprived of school. However, in 2006, they were introduced to SOS Children’s Village, who have been caring for them till date.

Joy’s love for education and the desire to help others remain her safe haven, and continue to fulfil her above and beyond. In 2009, Joy was awarded a scholarship to attend SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College, where she acquired a diploma degree.  She was awarded the SOS Kinderdorf Presidential Scholarship in 2013, to attend the University of Cape Town, where she acquired an undergraduate degree, majoring in International Relations, Public Policy and Administration, and Gender Studies.

Joy’s life experiences have made her a very passionate humanitarian. She has volunteered with the Family Strengthening Program section of SOS, and with the Cape Town Scalabrini Centre. Joy has also been working with the University of Cape Town’s Survival Support Service, where she assists survivors of gender/sexual-based violence, to seek help and get justice. She worked with the Disability Unit of the university and with the Edmund Rice Network: The Justice Desk South Africa, in Cape Town.

She is an entrepreneur and a poet, currently the CEO of ChiPhotography, a photography business, still in the stage of growth, which she believes will grow to become the next best thing in photography in the near future. As a poet, she has written over 50 poems, which will all be published soon.

Joy’s main goal for the future is to establishment an NGO that focuses on educational and vocational supports and use her photography to provide job opportunities.

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