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Burundi & University of Kwazulu Natal, 2019

Degree of study:
Masters in Chemistry

Kevin Kantize is the Secretary General of the Burundian Refugee Community (BRC) in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. His role includes being actively involved in the youth development programme, facilitating reconciliation as well as overseeing different community projects.
Kevin consistently topped his chemistry class during his undergraduate studies (Merck, Umgeni Water and Perkin Elmer awards) where he graduated Cum Laude in chemistry and chemical technology. He went on to do his Honours degree in chemistry where he again graduated Cum Laude. He is currently doing his Masters where he is interested particularly in electrochemical detection of water pollutants. He has also presented his honours research project at the 2017 South African Chemical Institute (SACI) Bachelor of Technology (Btech)/ Honours symposium held in Durban.