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Kirra Evans

South Africa & University of Cape Town, 2018

Degree of study:
Honours in Development Studies

Kirra Evans was part of the University of Cape Town UNASA community engagement team and was a volunteer reader at ‘Tape Aids for The Blind’. Her work consisted of recording and editing an audio-book that would go into an online database made available to approximately 10 000 listeners who were visually impaired.

Before pursuing her Honours, she graduated from the University currently known as Rhodes (UCKAR) with a Bachelor of Social Science in Politics and Philosophy. While at UCKAR, she engaged in a number of Development initiatives. She volunteered at the Shakespeare Schools Festival, GADRA matric school and the Inkwenkwezi Literary Society. She was also community engagement representative for both her residence and the ‘Gender Action Project.’ As community engagement representative for her residence, she managed to raise enough money to establish a multi-lingual library in a pre-school in the Makhanda area. As community engagement representative of the ‘Gender Action Project’, she helped research and establish talks about gender, toxic masculinity and consent at various facilities in Makhanda and UCKAR.

Kirra was also a member of the committee that helped organise ‘The Silent Protest’ alongside the National Aids Foundation in 2017. The ‘Silent Protest’ is a high-level program and march that seeks to combat rape culture and encourage conversations on consent. In 2017, she also implemented the ‘My Body, My Choice’ exhibition, which was a photographic exhibition that transcribed stories of gender, consent and identity. Her most current development project consists of working for the NGO ‘Regency Global’ on their flagship HIV/AIDS project entitled ‘ResponsibleME’. ‘ResponsibleME’ is an education campaign that takes place in approximately 500 schools throughout South Africa. Kirra expanded the program to include a number of other focus areas such as gender-based violence, TB and toxic masculinity, as these were all factors that contributed significantly towards South Africa’s high rates of HIV prevalence. In all the Development projects she engages in, Kirra believes that it’s incredibly important to take a holistic approach.  Now, she is interested in researching the importance of public policy and data analysis in improving the lives of everyday people but specifically those who have been historically disadvantaged.’

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