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MAKAZA, Roselyn

Zimbabwe & University of Cape Town, 2019

Degree of study:
Masters in Public Health

Roselyn Makaza is a passionate young doctor who graduated with an Honours at the University of Zimbabwe where she did her undergraduate studies. She has worked as a junior doctor at Parirenyatwa Hospital, the biggest hospital in Zimbabwe where she has gained insight into the problems affecting the public health sector. This sparked her interest in public health and is convinced that Africa needs to take a leading role in research to come up with solutions to the ongoing crises affecting different nations, including infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. She believes the highlight of her career was the point she realised you can do so much with so little. Coming from a low income earning, resource limited country, she has learnt to be resourceful and transform people’s lives with the little that will be available.
She hopes to inspire the girl child that this is the age of gender equality and women should be self sufficient, independent and know that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to do. She has engaged the girl child through church groups where she provokes young girls to find a purpose in their lives, develop whatever talents they possess and build a career for themselves.