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GAMA, Sicelo

Swaziland & University of Johannesburg, 2019

Degree of study:
BCom Hons in Financial Planning

Sicelo Chris Gama is a fervent and emerging financial services professional who advocates for financial literacy and wellness. He is dedicated to playing a role in the transformation of financial services to ensure fair outcomes for consumers of financial services. Areas of interest are retirement funding, estate planning, investment planning and debt management.
Furthermore, Chris is passionate about humanity and aims to contribute towards the building and strengthening of peace, reconciliation and co-operation amongst African people and the world. He is a steadfast believer in democratic governance and an advocate for the respect of fundamental human, civil and political rights.
Chris enjoys listening and participating in conversations and debates that go beyond his professional and general interests – engagements that stretch the mind and concern the welfare of people. He likes collecting, sharing and consuming information on socio-economic and political affairs both local and global. Chris is also an avid reader.
He is a soccer fanatic – a great fan and player of the sport. He also enjoys watching other sports such as basketball, rugby and boxing. Chris loves music and he enjoys cooking and cleaning.
He holds a degree in Financial Planning Law (with distinction) from the University of the Free State and a Certificate in Elements of Short-Term Insurance (with distinction) from the University of South Africa.