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Simotwo Zainabu

Kenya & Stellenbosch University, 2018

Degree of study:
Masters in Mathematical Sciences

Simotwo Zainabu is the co-founder of Mashinani hub, an award-winning rural-based start-up company based in Kenya and the DRC which offers business incubation services, e-learning, mentoring, and internet access to young people. Mashinani hub (‘Young Women Transform Prize’ winner) is currently offering empowerment to young women between the ages 18 to 29, working towards economic prosperity through a project titled “Sustainable bees and poultry program for rapid economic empowerment” (SDGs 1,5,8 and 9).

She is passionate about mathematics and technology, entrepreneurship in the rural areas, girls’ education and youth/women economic empowerment. Simotwo is also the co-founder of Frya Narapu Foundation, a registered organization aimed at restoring the dignity of girls by advocating for their rights against FGM, early marriages and giving them education in Kenya. Previously, she founded African Girl Voice, an initiative that empowers and mentor girls by building their confidence and helping them stay in school. Simotwo served in the University Student Representative Council as the Deputy President of the student organization, she is a Mandela Washington Fellow 2016 and a Laureate Global Fellow by YouthActionNet .

Simotwo has always topped in Mathematics from a tender age and she hopes to empower young girls to embrace the subject. Her research interests revolve around network reliability, a topic that is still a theoretical concept due to its computational complexity.

When she is not working on numbers and codes, Simotwo enjoys teaching maths to young girls, reading books, hiking , learning to playing the guitar and writing poetry.

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