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Tanyaradzwa Katiyo

Zimbabwe & University of Johannesburg, 2015

Degree of study:

I am currently employed by Botha and Sutherland Attorneys as a Candidate Attorney. Our firm deals with motor vehicle collision recoveries mainly on behalf of insurance companies. We also defend summons’s with regards to motor vehicle collisions.

I have right of appearance in the Magistrates Court and attend trials on behalf of my Principal.

I have one more year left before I am admitted as an Attorney.

I was previously employed by SSLR Incorporated, at this law firm I gained experience with regards to evictions. We mainly dealt with Plaintiff stuff were we assisted landlords to get court orders in order to evict non-paying tenants. The law firm assist landlords in obtaining court orders to enable them to evict non-paying tenants.

The above mentioned law firm resurrected the various robust debates we had as MRF Scholars on reconciliation and the issue of race in South Africa. I was called in one day by my principal who indicated to me that I did not fit into the firm despite my credentials and hard work due to the fact that I often voiced my concerns when it came to race issues within the work place.

I thereafter resigned as the firm inhibited my progress. I am happy to say that my new employer is the epitome of the new South Africa and Africa as a whole which we aspire for.

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